What We Do

Training Church Planters

We’ve planted churches. We understand what is realistic to expect and what isn’t.

And that’s vitally important because according to a study by the Center for Missional Research, approximately 32% of church plants fail by year four. That study also showed that if the expectations of the church planter met reality, their church’s survivability odds increased by over 400%!

So we focus on training using adult-learning methods that have measurable outcomes.


But we don’t stop there.


Consulting and Coaching

We coach and consult with individuals, churches and denominations, helping them determine which of their ministries need more focused strengthening.


GCA’s resource services include providing cutting-edge training curricula and church planting resources in a variety of languages.

Networking: Ongoing Support

We also equip established churches and mission organizations to be more effective in training their own church planters by helping them establish church planting support networks. That’s important because when church planters meet at least monthly with peers, their churches’ survivability odds increase by 135% (CMR).